Lavac Marine Toilets
In 2005, production of the Lavac "Zenith" model was discontinued.  The replacement is a newly designed Lavac Popular Model. With an improved hinge assembly, stronger seat and lid, the Popular Model has become the first choice among discriminating boaters worldwide. To learn more about the Lavac Popular click here.

Parts for the Lavac Zenith are still available and we can typically ship the same day we receive your order.

Many of the Zenith and Popular parts are not interchangeable so it is important to know which model you have before ordering replacement parts. To determine if your toilet is a Zenith Model view the pictures on this page versus those shown on the Popular page. Also the lid used on the Zenith has a slight pebbled texture versus a perfectly smooth lid used on the Popular. In addition the Zenith lid has a small protrusion at the front that serves as a lift handle. The Popular does not.

Shown with the picture of the Zenith toilet is the Lavac Manual Diaphragm T/A Pump(Left) and a Lavac 12v Electric Pump (Right). This pump has been replaced with a new lighter weight and more robust diaphragm pump. Pictures will be available in the future. The new electric pump is available in both 12v and 24v and is interchangeable with the previous model.

marine toilets

Zenith Dimensions

marine toilet

A 7.3" - 185mm       C 14.5" - 368mm
B 11.4" - 290mm       D 16.2" - 410mm

Exploded Diagram of Lavac Zenith lavac marine toilet



The Lavac Zenith can use either a manual or electric pump or It is extremely easy to change from one to the other if you so desire. No modifications are necessary to the toilet at all, just change the pump. You can even have a manual pump in series with the electric in case of electrical failure.

For additional versatility in mounting the manual pumps, they come in two versions, depending upon how you would like them mounted.

The Top Action (T/A) pump is a surface mount.
lavac marine toilets

A typical Behind Bulkhead or Underdeck (U/D) installation.

Please note these two diagrams show only the most basic installations. For other plumbing options, please see our INSTALLATIONS page.

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