Lavac Marine Toilets

toilets marineThe "Popular" model is the third generation Lavac. The latest in a long line of fine marine toilets extending back to 1963. Like all Lavac Marine Toilets the Popular Model has a high quality porcelain bowl and is powered by a heavy duty Henderson Mark V type diaphragm pump.(Available in either Manual or Electric versions)

The Popular has been engineered to reduce costs but not performance. Recent modifications, including a redesigned hinge assembly and heavy duty lid/seat combination have proven to be very popular with our Cruising Clients. To ensure literally years of Trouble Free use, install your Lavac Popular Marine Toilet today. You will never regret your decision.


Lavac Popular Dimensions Exploded Diagram of Lavac Popular

toilet marine

A 7.25" - 184.15mm       C 13.75" - 349.25mm
B 13" - 330.2mm       D 16.75" - 425.45mm



Download Install Manual & Specs

The Lavac "Popular" comes in both electric and manual versions.

It is extremely easy to change from one to the other if you so desire. No modifications are necessary to the toilet at all, just change the pump. You can even have a manual pump in series with the electric in case of electrical failure.

For additional versatility in mounting the manual pumps, they come in two versions, depending upon how you would like them mounted.

The Popular Model also uses only three pints of water per flush (in a typicaly installation) which makes them particularly suitable for holding tank applications.

The Top Action (T/A) pump is a surface mount.
A typical Behind Bulkhead or Underdeck (U/D) installation.
Lavac Toilet Lavac Toilets

Please note these two diagrams show only the most basic installations.

For other plumbing options, please see our INSTALLATIONS page.

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