Lavac Marine Toilets

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a Popular or Zenith toilet?

If your lid and hinges look like the ones below then you have a Zenith toilet.

Zenith Hinges and Lid

If your lid and hinges look like the ones below then you have a Popular toilet.

Popular Hinges and Lid

Do I have a first or second generation Popular toilet?

If your hinges look like the ones below then you have a 1st generation Popular toilet. If you have a 1st geneation Popular toilet and you want to purchase new seals or a new lid or seat or a hinge set you will need to upgrade your Popular toilet by purchasing a TLZ 8068.

1st Generation Popular Hinges

If your hinges look like the ones below then you have an up to date 2nd generation Popular toilet. All parts that we carry in stock will work with your toilet.

2nd Generation Popular Hinges

Is the Lavac a new product?

No. The Lavac has been around since 1963.  

How does a Lavac work?

Simplicity itself. After use, close the lid. Pump the handle of the Diaphragm Pump a few strokes and you are done. No levers to position, no bypass valves to set, no tiny little piston pumps. When you pump the handle, the closed lid seals the system. Suction is formed which empties the bowl and, at the same time, draws in more rinsing water.  

When we are under way, we want the bowl empty of rinse water to prevent sloshing it around. How do you pump a Lavac dry if fresh rinse water is drawn in under normal operation?

Again, very simple. Instead of closing the lid, leave it open. Pump the remaining water out of the bowl. Since no vacuum is formed while pumping with the lid up, no new rinse water is drawn into the bowl when the standing water is sucked out.  

Why was the Zenith discontinued?

The "Zenith" was produced in very limited quantities by the Royal Dalton China company in England. As a producer of Fine China their production facilities were no longer well suited for the limited production requirements of the "Zenith" making the manufacturing costs unreasonably high. The "Popular" model is our newest design. It has a high-quality porcelain bowl, however, the "Popular" model bowl is cast in a modern facility in large volume. As with anything else, automated high volume production lowers the unit cost of the "Popular" model without sacrificing any quality. The "Popular" uses the same high quality Diapragm Pump which ensures the same perfomance as the old "Zenith"  

Are parts still available for my Zenith?

Parts are still readily available for the Zenith model. Just contact us with your needs and we can typically ship within one day of order. In addtion we stock all the parts and spares kits for the Henderson Mark V Diaphragm Pump and Popular Marine Toilet.  

Are these toilets reliable?

These are, without a doubt, the most trouble-free marine toilets in the world. A Henderson Mk V type diaphragm bilge pump powers these toilets and they are the most clog-free pumps made. No tiny piston pump, no rod seals, no piston seals, no flimsy parts AT ALL. As a matter of fact, you can plumb a Lavac installation with a bilge pickup hose and use the Henderson pump as an emergency manual bilge pump! You can even use the Lavac pump to empty your own holding tank when in waters approved for overboard discharge. In areas with limited or no pump-out facilities, this can be a tremendous benefit. We show these installation diagrams in our Pump section of this website.  

How much water is used with each flush?

A typical flush will use approximately 3 pints of water.

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